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Thursday, November 8th, 2007

On my last night in Cork, we made ridiculously delicious crepes…

We were SO full after dinner but SO eagerly anticipating DESSERT crepes. So to kill time we watched a movie (we are the mods, we are the mods, we are we are we are the mods) with an American friend of Devin´s, Christina, and then gorged ourselves again.


Yesterday morning we got up very, very early and ran to the bus stop to catch a 7AM bus to Dublin that turned out to actually be the… 8AM bus. The ride was a little over four hours but I managed to sleep a little. In Dublin we met two of Devin´s friends for tea, an American and a Dutch girl, both studying in Dublin for their masters degrees in humanitarian action. He met them at the jazz festival in Cork a week or two ago. They showed us arund Dublin a bit, and here´s a picture of Devin and I on the Trinity campus, just to prove we really were in the same place at the same time…

Devin, Sophie and Gwen, just before we hopped on the bus to airport.

pear cider and murphy’s stout (cork, ireland)

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

Yup, I am in Cork.  Yesterday I took a train from Vicki’s (Pennington, England, for the curious) to Gatwick airport and flew from there to Cork, then took a bus from the airport into the city, by which point I had, mercifully, finally managed to reach Devin and he met me in the city center, took me back to his apartment, introduced me to his Spanish flatmates, and fed me a hearty dinner!  After dinner it was still fairly early (on Irish time anyway) and we wandered all around the city.  I’ve never seen a city so well lit at night.  These lights reminded me of Renn Fayre at Reed:

They even CHANGE COLOR over the course of the night! Later, after we’d been to a pub and each had a pint of Murphy’s stout (Which, along with Beamish, is brewed in Cork–I tasted them both last night and I think Murphy’s is best), they were yellow. All except for one, which remained obstinately blue. I liked that one.

Anyway, here is Devin somewhere on the UCC campus:

Major points for going to classes in a building that looks like a CASTLE.

Devin found this shelving unit (which once held NUTS, as the label at the top of it states in large letters) in a dumpster and decided to give it a home. We left it outside his apartment building in case his disapproving landlady was in, but when we came back later it was gone. Hopefully to a loving home.

The main cathedral in town. Finn Barr? Something like that. We wandered around the outside of it examining gargoyles and trying to read old headstones.

Yum yum stout. Devin can’t pronounce the name of this pub. They had fun live music though, a bunch of guys sitting around a table with fiddles. Also about a zillion people Devin knew, including a girl who might be able to get me a place to stay in Barcelona on November 15th! I have mixed feelings about it, though, because I kind of feel like I’m cheating if I’m not alone and even vaguely lonely while traveling. Which is maybe something I should just get over, especially if it’ll save me a bit of money.

Later we went to another pub where a band was playing, alternating between sing-along-able rock songs (the first one we heard was “Sweet Home Alabama” which really amused me) and jazz… they had a woman playing saxophone who was really fabulous.

Went home at 2am and Devin made me a very cozy bed on his floor out of sofa cushions, a sleeping bag, and a blanket “borrowed” from a laundry pile in the hall (and returned early in the morning when he left for class). Today I’ve been wandering around town getting myself lost and then found again. We’re going to Dublin tomorrow morning and then flying to Amsterdam in the early evening!

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