i got hit by a pick-up truck on my bike ride home from work today.

i was riding in the bike lane and crossing an intersection (ne 57th and fremont) on a green light when the car turned left in front of–or i guess into–me. the driver admitted immediately to being at fault and is really remorseful and all that. her insurance will pay for everything. the medic and police officer who showed up were very kind. there were plenty of witnesses.

the damage: broken left collarbone, massively-bruised-but-probably-otherwise-ok right knee (immobilized just in case), sore right wrist, numerous scrapes, busted bike fork, broken glasses, shirt and my favorite bra cut off of me.

if i had not been wearing my helmet, i am pretty sure i would be dead, or at least braindead.

i hurt a lot but i have a little bottle of narcotics. so yeah.

my hospital form said “bike vs car” across the top. i pointed it out to andrew and he said “this time the car won.” i said “yeah but i got a few good swings in.” (i broke her windshield.)

4 Responses to “ow”

  1. Diana Says:

    And this is why I pay the health insurance… Arrggh! I hate that you actually need it!

    Love you tons,

  2. Lori and Morgan Says:


    I am so sorry to hear of your accident. Morgan and I wish you a quick recovery and all the best for you in general!

    We think of you often, kitten. Let us know when you’re in the area, we’d love to catch up with you.

    –Lori & Morgan

  3. Lori and Morgan Says:

    Sorry, left incorrect email address before.

  4. Lori and Morgan Says:

    Hi Stacia,

    Sorry to hear about your accident. We’re hoping you are making a quick recovery. Let us know when you’re in the area, we’d love to catch up with you, Kitten.

    –Lor & Morgan

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